Vectors Showing Us the Way

Vectors Showing Us the Way

Physics is very divergent from chemistry and biology because physics has to do more with light, energy, mechanics, electricity, magnetism, gravity, and other physical properties. Physics now has been around for centuries and is everywhere in the world. As our world progresses with new things as well as new discoveries there are new theories being answered. A vector is an amount that has direction but as well as magnitude and it is something mathematicians and engineers use to find the force. Since it has both magnitude and direction it is called vector quantities; magnitude is the quantity and direction is the vector’s location going from one place to another.

In order to know that a vector has magnitude and direction you have to see that the line segment shows magnitude and the arrows point in a direction; the vector goes from its tail to its head. If you want to find what the position of an object is and where they are then you will have to use a position vector. Position vectors help you find how far the object or something is from the beginning of the reference frame and in what direction it is going.

In addition, the fundamentals about vectors is that they help us with getting a better understanding of motion and forces that take place in two dimensions. For instance, displacement, acceleration, force, and velocity are all fundamentals that have to do with vectors. Vectors have different directions they can go east, north, west, west, or sometimes they can go more than one direction. If you are calculating two vectors, you have to check and combine both their magnitude and the direction. If the two vectors are the same, then that means that they have the same magnitude and direction.

There are many ways that show vectors and we have not notice them. A vector can be when a person throws a basketball because the magnitude will be how hard the ball is thrown and the direction will be where it goes in the court. Vectors and used in everyday life because it helps people find objects of where they are located and individuals. There are many branches that lead to the fundamentals of physics and there are interesting facts behind it. Physics is involved in today’s generation and it can also be part of our future. Furthermore, vectors have formed a part of everyday life and as well as physics; there is more to come in the future with the components of physics.

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