The Importance of Power

Dr. Royal Raymond Rife used a single tube frequency device to grow the Cancer virus many times faster than normal. Low power frequency energy from single tube devices like Rife used in his laboratory stimulates metabolism by increasing circulation and energizing microscopic mechanisms in the organisms that are targeted with the frequency being delivered.

The BCX411 Compact, Briefcase and Professional Ray Tube devices overcome this issue by having dramatically more power than what Rife used to grow Cancer. The two tubes used in this product design create an energy vortex between the tubes so that the energy density doesn’t decrease with the square of the distance as in single tube designs. The energy density or power is relatively constant in the area between the tubes and decreases much less than in single tube designs as the distance increases from the tubes. Consequently, there is plenty of power to stimulate micro organisms to destruction when the frequency is correct and the duration is adequate.

There are three parameters that determine the effectiveness of a session used to destroy micro organisms in a body; FREQUENCY, POWER and DURATION. If one or more of these is not adequate, the micro organism will not be destroyed. It may, even, be energized if the frequency targets a resonant system in the micro organism with insufficient power. To some extent, however, it is possible to compensate for weak parameters by an increase in the others. For example, sometimes low power can be compensated for by increased duration. Conversely, when the BCX411 devices are used at full power, duration can be decreased. And, when the frequency is not quite right, power and/or duration can be increased to compensate.

Often, it’s important to limit the number of micro organisms destroyed at any one time to limit the herxheimer reaction and give time to detoxify. In this case the choices are to 1. Limit the number of frequencies delivered; 2. Reduce the power to less than maximum; and 3. Reduce the duration of the session. If power and/or duration are chosen to be limited, there is always a risk of stimulating the micro organism that is being targeted because there is not enough energy for long enough time to destroy it. Remember, the frequency is chosen to target and affect a specific micro organism. If the frequency is correct, it will activate it’s metabolic functions, move fluid inside, or simply shake it until it energizes it or destroys it. A better choice is to limit the frequencies, not the power or duration.

How much power is too much? The BCX411 devices cannot harm healthy tissue at ANY power level. There is simply not enough power to harm any normal body parts or functions. It only works through the principle of sympathetic resonance. Micro organisms are targeted with frequency by hitting them with their own natural resonant frequency. Then it doesn’t take hundreds of watts to destroy them. The energy levels available in the BCX411 products are over ten times more than what’s required to destroy micro organisms, yet less than one tenth as much as would hurt a typical mammal.

The only danger using frequency technology is using it too aggressively… destroying too many micro organisms too quickly. There is no danger in using too much power because there isn’t enough power to be harmful to normal tissue. Power is important because it makes the technology work, along with frequency and duration. Remember, there is less power farther away from the plasma tubes that deliver the energy into the body. To cover the entire body, there must be adequate power so the micro organisms at extremities will be destroyed, also, and not just stimulated.

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