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How AFM Products Are Shaping Our Future

Scanning tunnelling microscopy (STP) is often considered ‘the ancestor’ of atomic force microscopy. It was invented by scientists at IBM Zurich, who were then awarded a Nobel Prize in physics some years later. Advancements in this original technology…

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Measuring on the Nanoscale – A Whole New World in Materials Science

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Measuring materials properly involves comparing the characteristics of test structures to the real internal properties of the materials at hand. If there are plenty of differences in the materials when examined on a nano scale using atomic force…

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The Man-Made Monster

In this world, humans constantly developed weapons throughout history, and weapons, such as rifle, machine gun, and cannon, have become more and more effective for killing people. Also, explosive weapons, such as grenade, C4, and missile, are used…

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Atomic Force Microscope Probes

Atomic Force Microscopes remain well-known for being the most advanced piece of technology, particularly among those that are in the field of cellular biology. They do this by utilizing a probe, also called a tip. This is what…

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