Laboratory Equipment for Schools, Colleges, Hospitals, Vocational Centers & Research Institutes

Laboratory Equipment for Schools, Colleges, Hospitals, Vocational Centers & Research Institutes

Providing ‘state-of-the-art’ Laboratory infrastructure to each student should be one of the focus areas for every school, college and institute. Since the late 19th century it is a well established fact that labs play a critical role in science education and it is imperative for all learning centers to have quality lab infrastructure. If we have a well equipped laboratory it would help a student gain hands on knowledge which immensely helps a student in academic results and prepare for real life scenarios which he/she might face in his/her career ahead. I always believe that knowledge gained from science books is never enough unless a student performs experiments, projects and works in real-time environment. I would firmly follow “hands-on science and innovation” which means that every student can succeed in the field of science only if he/she has hands-on experience which enables a mind to grow and think out of the box thus leading to innovation.

Schools lay the foundation stone for each one of us and are correctly known as temples of learning. No learning in any institute can be complete without having latest lab infrastructure with complete set of equipments in place. I would also like to add by saying that it is the right of every student to have access to the latest lab equipments.

As part of my interests to excel in the field of laboratory equipments I keep attending academic seminars, lectures, meetings to keep incorporating the latest developments and trends of our industry. One might always conclude that budget can be seen as a major hindrance for a school to set up a state-of-the-art laboratory but after listening to some eminent speakers & senior educators I came to know that some schools face problems in allocating specific lab space to establish or expand a laboratory for each subject. The list of equipments is increasing each day and so does your need for lab space which causes a major hindrance for some schools.

It may also be noted that going through a classroom lecture followed by lab activity or in some cases performing lab activity after 1-2 days can affect the learning outcome for a student.

My desire to find innovative solutions made me think of a fresh concept which can help overcome both the above issues. I call it a “mobile lab” or “lab on wheels” structured like a trolley which can solve the purpose. It would enable a teacher or instructor to move this “mobile lab” in classrooms very conveniently with help of its structure on wheels. This helps in saving specific lab space and in addition teaching can be done with a book and laboratory in classroom simultaneously thereby enhancing learning experience for students. This “mobile lab” would be made in stainless steel with a wash basin and all required lab equipment inside the cabinet with a flat top for working and display of equipments. Each subject can have a different mobile lab or even the same structure can be used. I hope that this concept would enhance learning experience for students and solve space issues faced by schools without any additional costs.

I always look forward to suggestions and comments from readers of this article.

Greek Philosopher Socrates said “Education is the kindling of a flame, not the filling of a vessel.”

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