Global Warming Theory Is Rife With Manipulated Data, Bloated Bureaucratic Budgets And Hot Air

As the founder of a think tank that happens to operate online, you can bet we’ve had our share of discussions about Global Warming and Climate Change. Still, a theory which can be proved or disproved with every single piece of evidence isn’t a theory at all. If there are no hurricanes it’s global warming, if there are more hurricanes global warming. If there is a drought it’s global warming, if there is a flood global warming, lots of tornadoes = global warming, none that year, must be global warming. Did someone throw away their Farmer’s Almanac because I see repeating patterns there which explain it all – just look at 1955 for instance?

Why do I have a problem throwing more good money after bad in pursuit of proving that mankind’s CO2 is causing catastrophic warming of our planet? Well, I’ve seen the data manipulated, falsified or extrapolated beyond recognition of logical conclusion. Let’s discuss this for a moment shall we?

Global Warming researchers have place over land thermometers near urban heat islands, college campuses, and other convenient places – which makes the data inaccurate. Then there is the mixing data with 150 year old ship captain logs, and modern day ship engine room H2O inflows at different heights, hardly comparable or reliable data. Different ships have different hull designs and fluid dynamics, you can’t know exactly where the water came from depth wise, as it matters the speed of ship and every ship is different, that data is not comparable – and 10s of 1000s of bad data points is just garbage in garbage out. Further, the mixing of temperature data from buoys with the ship data, is ridiculous, as is mixing all of that with satellite data (has problems with water vapor interference, etc.).

What about “ice core samples” you ask, isn’t that good data? Well no, you see, ice cores are problematic because if a warming period comes it melts down 1000+ years of data, lost forever not available. Plus CO2 hugs the ground and is not consistent in all parts of our planet, regardless of source, ancient volcanoes, forest fires from lightning strikes, whatever, we cannot use that against other data to prove correlation or causality with warming periods, + there could be a lag + or – in years, as new growth forest soaks up CO2 and old growth doesn’t usually sheds it when it dies. CO2 is a convenient ‘whipping boy’ and climates rise and fall, ours on Earth appears to be trading within a range warming, ice ages, perhaps one leads to the other and back again. CO2 trapped in ice, is interesting, but not accurate either.

Then we have solar activity – 97% of the energy, heat in our atmosphere comes from the Sun, those fluctuations haven’t been studied in detail over the same 1,000s of years needed for us to correlate with ice cores, tree rings, hydrological cycles, sea level changes in relation to CO2. Yes, more research might be needed, but only if it is real research – not to be used for political agendas for the Club of Rome, socialist globalists, or anti-US economy to give a leg up for a failing EU, which has maybe 5-years left before collapse.

Lastly, I’d like to see research on weather patterns and Earth’s magnetic field degradation, but certainly not in the context of Global Warming Theory – I think that concept – mankind’s CO2 causing catastrophic climate warming is just hot air. Think on this.

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